16 March 2013
Tralee International Marathon-A Global Gathering of Irish Marathon Runners

Tralee International Marathon-A Global Gathering of Irish Marathon Runners

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The Inaugural Tralee International Marathon is set to be staged on St. Patrick’s Weekend, March 16, 2013. The event will include both a full 26.2-mile marathon and a 13.1-mile half marathon. The Tralee International Marathon is more than a marathon, it is a festival that celebrates running and Irish Heritage. The Tralee International Marathon has been designated a “Gathering Marathon”. The theme of Gathering Ireland 2013 is about the people of Ireland throwing open their arms and inviting anyone with a connection to our country to come and visit. The Tralee International Marathon calls on all marathon runners of Irish Heritage to come to Tralee in 2013 and celebrate their Irish heritage by running the Tralee International Marathon – “A Global Gathering of Irish Marathon Runners"". The route of the marathon and half marathon will showcase the culture, heritage and beautiful landscape that Tralee and the surrounding area have to offer. The route for the full marathon will bring the participants from Tralee to Ardfert, Barrow, Churchill, Fenit, Spa and Blennervillle, before finishing back in Tralee. The half marathon will follow much the same route as the full marathon, bypassing the Barrow, Churchill and Fenit section.


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Tralee, , , Co. Kerry
16 March 2013
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