15 March 2013 / 16 March 2013 / 17 March 2013
Fadó Festival 2013
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Fadó Festival 2013

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About this Gathering

We are inviting people from around Ireland and around the world to Bantry to experience Ireland in the olde times.  he public lights are turned off and the public houses throw out their televisions and bring in story tellers, live musicians and even put on traditional plays. There are events planned throughout the weekend for all of the family with the highlight of the pageant on Saturday night. Here everyone travels the dark streets of Bantry being lit by fire performers with lots of entertainment including live drummers.

Come back home to Ireland to experience how Ireland was back in the olde days.


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Bantry, Bantry, Bantry, Co. Cork
15 March 2013
16 March 2013
17 March 2013
Open to Everyone
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Deirdre Collins

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