23 August 2013 / 24 August 2013 / 25 August 2013
Irish Redhead Convention
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Irish Redhead Convention

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Calling all Redheads!

If you have ginger genes, get ready for Ireland greatest festival of freckles and frolics at the Irish Redhead Convention in Crosshaven, Co. Cork from August 23 - 25. The annual festival for redheads and lovers of gingers which is in it’s fourth successive year, is a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society and a Gathering Ireland flagship event for county Cork!

Events include whacky competitions such as the most freckles per sq inch, the crowning of the new redhead King and Queen, a parade of natural redheads and a massive group photo shoot. To celebrate this weekend of genetic gingerness, all red-gistered participants will receive a “Certificate of Genuine Foxiness” and can partake in the worlds first “Ginger Discount Scheme”, with local business’ committing to special offers from beauty treatments to reduced accommodation rates and free entry to the magnificent WW1 Camden Fort Meagher.

The Irish Redhead Convention will also host the movie world premiere of the true life documentary “Being Ginger” by American filmmaker Scott P.Harris. The highly anticipated movie is a comedic look at life of a male ginger, as Scott desperately seeks to find a lady who truly appreciates red haired men.

Also visiting this years event from Scotland are the scientific research team behind IrelandsDNA. These geneticists are currently mapping the British Isles in an attempt to find out more about the red haired gene variants and discover who is the most redheaded nation on earth. Red hair is the rarest of human hair colours and accounts for only 0.6% of of the worlds population. But this genetic team, believe that in Ireland up to 40% of the Irish population are carriers of the recessive ginger gene.

Other redhead activities include a ginger chef cook-off, redhead photography booths, redhead storytelling and a unique performance from redhead musician Kellie Marie and redhead playwright and performer Susan Boyle in her one woman show “A Wine Goose Chase”.

For a full line up of events and to REDgister for your weekend pass, visit www.redheadconvention.ie


Gathering Details

Crosshaven, Village wide, Crosshaven, Co. Cork
23 August 201317:00 - 23:00
24 August 201311:00 - 23:00
25 August 201311:00 - 18:00
Open to Everyone

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