12 March 2013
The Big Big Quiz
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The Big Big Quiz

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The Big Big Quiz will be a live televised event where any charity or cause can hold a fundraising table quiz and raffle to benefit their own cause in their local pub or function room . As the event will be televised to over 1000 venues and 100,000 participants simultaneously it will also be a new world record! Each charity or cause will be supported with promotional posters, T-shirts, answer sheets, pencils and even the raffle tickets where winners could walk away with holidays or even new cars. As a fundraiser you will only have to do what you you do best! Raise funds! Each charity should raise over €3,500 on the night. €3,500,000 Nationwide If you know of any charity that could benefit from being part of "THE BIG BIG QUIZ" let them know


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Nationwide, Your local, Your town, Co. Dublin

Most likely date! TBC

12 March 201320:00 - 10:30
Open to Everyone
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Andrew Lawless

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