21 June 2013 / 30 June 2013
Duffys all Over
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Duffys all Over

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About this Gathering

Is your name Duffy? If so, you share the name with a WW2 war hero who gave his name to Duffy Square in Times Square, New York,with a General who fought for Ireland's independence,with a chart-toppingsinger-songwriter,with a London serial killer,with Ireland's favourite radio host,with 'Bobby Ewing' in DALLAS, with Mickey Mouse's teddy-bear - all Duffys!

But the homeland of the Duffy Clan is in County Monaghan Ireland and from there we're inviting Duffys all over the world to come home for a week of heritage, history and fun, with lectures, walks, the Diamond Jubilee of our Gaelic Football Club, dancing, singing, drama, a day barefoot in the bog, a football match Duffys V Rest of World, an exhibition of old photos, an attempt on the world record for the number of Duffys all in the same place -and a welcome as warm as our traditional turf fires!

And it's not just for Duffys! All are welcome and there's free entry to all events for people from overseas, McArdles, McCabes, Mooneys, the lot!

Bígí linn! Be with us.




Gathering Details

Drumhowan, Shane Tullynahinera Castleblayney, Ballybay Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan

Opening and Champions Day

21 June 201320:00 - 23:59

Duffy Day

30 June 201314:00 - 23:59
+ 86 1931933
Open to Everyone

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