17 March 2013
The Paddies Gathering Challenge
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The Paddies Gathering Challenge

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About this Gathering

This is the Gathering of the Paddies - literally! We would like to invite as many people called Patrick, Paidi, Patricia, Padraig, Paraicin, Patrice, Patryk, Patti or anything that can claim to be "Paddy" to come to Mullingar on St. Patrick's Weekend. The challenge is to set the world record (application pending) for people called Paddy to be assembled together in the one place. All you need is your passport or driver's licence which shows that your first (or second) name is Paddy. Why not wear your county / national / club jersey. All Paddies welcome - from anywhere in the world.


Gathering Details

Mullingar, Oliver Plunkett St, Westmeath, Co. Westmeath

The Paddies Gathering Challenge

17 March 201317:00 - 18:00
Open to Everyone

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