23 June 2013
Welcoming Claire to Clare
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Welcoming Claire to Clare

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About this Gathering

We have set ourselves the challenge of trying to break the Guinness World Record for the most amount of people with the same first name (Clare, Claire or Clair) in the same place – County Clare!  The current World Record stands at 1096, which was done by a group of people all called Mohammad in Dubai in 2005.  The Record Breaking Attempt is taking place as part of a weekend of welcomes which starts on June 20th and finishes with the Clare Count in the Ennis Cathedral at 2pm on June 23rd
Our Claire/Clare/Clair’s will be treated to a weekend of events from free outdoor music concert, to author readings (done by Claire Kilroy), genealogy talks (given by Clare Curtin) and a Welcome to Clare discount card which offers discounts & special offers in a range of businesses county wide!
This is a mammoth task, we know there are 608 Claires over the age of 18 in County Clare, we don’t know how many there are in Ireland.  We know that we have Claires travelling to the event from the US, Europe, UK as well as Ireland but we don’t exactly know how many will turn up on the day!  We know that it is going to be a great weekend….but are we going to break the World Record?

Volunteers will be on hand on the streets of Ennis as Clare Ambassadors to give out information and guidance to our visitors and we promise that the weekend will be filled with welcomes which will inspire people to return to County Clare.


Gathering Details

Ennis, O Connell Street, Ennis, Co. Clare

The Claire Count

23 June 201313:00 - 14:30
+ 68 66 800
Open to Everyone

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