12 July 2013 / 13 July 2013 / 14 July 2013
Peter O’Malley International Invitational
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Peter O’Malley International Invitational

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Come and see how America's past-time and the world's most graceful field sport is played 'Irish Style'! Baseball Ireland, proudly supported by The Gathering Dublin and Fingal Leader Partnership, will be holding the inaugural Peter O'Malley International Invitational Baseball Tournament from July 12-14, 2013 in Corkagh Park, West Dublin. Participating teams are expected from Ireland, continental Europe, and the UK.

For more information about how The Fingal Leader Partnership is helping to enhance the quality of life for Irish communities, check out their website at: http://www.fingalleaderpartnership.ie/

Also check out The Gathering Dublin website (http://www.thegatheringdublin.com/) to see other fantastic events taking place in the Nation's Capital in 2013!


Gathering Details

Corkagh Park , Corkagh Park Dublin, Corkagh Park Dublin, Co. Dublin

Days TBC

12 July 2013

Days TBC

13 July 2013

Days TBC

14 July 2013
Open to Everyone
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Mike Kindle

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