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The Gathering of Romantics Kilkenny 2013
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The Gathering of Romantics Kilkenny 2013

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About this Gathering

Kilkenny Ireland is calling all romantics and lovers to join in a Festival of Romance!
Who would have thought that an army officer knocking a woman from her bike in 1939 would form a basis for romance? That’s what happened. This is romance at its best and it gave an idea to Frank Kavanagh in Kilkenny Castle to hold a romantic gathering. Frank’s dad was the officer responsible and promptly proposed to Jenny after the accident!
The Romantic Gathering will take in the medieval city of Kilkenny from May 15-19th 2013.
Majestic Kilkenny with its castles and cathedrals is combining stories of romance and witchcraft and inviting a love guru to help visitors to learn how to fall in love and stay in love.
Love blossoms in Kilkenny - even Edmund Spencer’s sonnet mentions the River Nore which flows through the heart of the city beneath the magnificent Kilkenny Castle.
Jonathan Swift spent his schooldays in Kilkenny in the very street where Raleigh lived. The city’s laneways and its many inns, including the tavern where Wellington dined as did Bonaparte’s sister, still stand as a memory to romance. The great Admiral Nelson’s column sits quietly in a romantic setting in this city.
Events begin on May 15th at the Pembroke hotel with an unusual tour.
This is ladies only and will take in the most romantic and mysterious places in Kilkenny combined with true stories of hauntings and witchcraft.
Thurs 16th hosts an evening of evocative dance which includes tango-salsa swing at the Pembroke hotel.
Friday 17th is a must for all when you the love guru takes to the stage in Langtons Set Theatre. This is your chance to learn how to fall in love and will be followed by matchmaking 2013 style with ‘Take me out’ which will give the ladies a chance to meet the man of their dreams.
On Saturday and Sunday visitors can meet romantic writers and hear their stories/poetry.

Sat night and visitors can experience a medieval feast and meet combined with the stories of the Earl of Pembroke and his mistress from the 12th century.
Everything from dancing at the crossroads and romantic films to romantic cars and trips on the lovebus will happen at this gathering. International visitors and connections are invited from the UK, US and European tours and it promises to be a magical celebration of romance!
Check it out http://www.romanticgathering.com/index.html


Gathering Details

Pembroke Hotel - Langtons - Rivercourt Hotel, Kilkenny , Kilkenny City, Co. Kilkenny

Official Opening at Pembroke Hotel & Gathering of hens

15 May 201319:00 - 21:30

Evocative Dance! Tango Salsa Swing at the Pembroke Hotel

16 May 201314:00 - 23:30

Set Theatre Langtons - Love Guru - Take Me Out

17 May 201320:00 - 23:30

Various Events - Romantic writers, poetry, stories from 12th Century

18 May 201312:00 - 23:59

Dancing at the crossroads, Parade Plaza

19 May 201313:00 - 18:00
+353 86 8392468
Open to Everyone

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