15 June 2013
200 Birthday Celebrations for Margaret of New Orleans
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200 Birthday Celebrations for Margaret of New Orleans

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The people of Carrigallen, Co Leitrim are celebrating the Bicentennial of one of their beloved citizens, Margaret Haughrey (Nee Gaffney), born in 1813 on Christmas Day, left her townland of Tully in Carrigallen in 1818 and died in New Orleans USA in 1882. She was known in her time as Margaret of New Orleans. She was given a State Funeral and was the first woman in the USA to have a statue erected to her. 'The Angel of the Delta'. the 'Bread Lady of New Orleans', the 'Celebrated Margaret', 'Margaret of Tully', 'Margaret of New Orleans', 'Mother Margaret'—are all titles given to a remarkable woman. A woman of unsurpassed charity, she was a champion of the underprivileged and the destitute. She was  considered by countless thousands of all creeds to have been a living saint and whose beatification is currently being undertaken by people of New Orleans. On June 15th 2013 in Tully Carrigallen, we are celebrating her birthday—her bi-centenary. TO DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAMME OF EVENTS PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE AT http://margaretsbirthplace.com/ where you will find a direct link on page 1.

We are expecting people from around the world to attend, but particularly from New Orleans and the USA. Craft people displaying and using their unique talents, music, songs, dance, drama and art will all be part of the celebration drawing on the organic talent in Carrigallen. A unique commission of Music and Dance composed by John McCartin, will have it's world premiere on the day, at Margarets's birthplace, in Tully, Carrigallen, Leitrim. Kevin Patrick from Carrigallen, has also been commissioned to write a poem to be read out on the celebration day. Scenes of drama will include an enactment of a Hedge School, with excerpts from “Our Story of Margaret of New Orelans” written by Maura Williamson, including songs by Tony Fahy, performed by members of Leitrim Youth Theatre Company and the local Community.


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Tully, Tully, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim

Margaret of New Orleans Bi-Centenary 1813-2013

15 June 201312:00 - 23:00
+ 087 9036436
Private - Invite Only

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