31 December 2013
Mr Jameson I Presume
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Mr Jameson I Presume

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About this Gathering


The Jameson visitor centres in Dublin and Midleton, Co. Cork are inviting all those with name JAMESON back to Ireland to visit us for free.

To celebrate The Gathering 2013, all persons with either the first name  or surname gain free entry and can bring a friend for free.

In our Jameson visitor centres you will discover the history and secrets of John Jameson and his world famous Irish Whiskey. The fully guided tour includes a video presentation and a walk through the distillation process in the recreated distillery and culminates in The Discovery Bar where every visitor gets a complimentary signature Jameson drink and the chance to become a certified Irish Whiskey taster!


Terms & Conditions apply

* ID verified on entry.


Gathering Details

Jameson Visitor Centres, Bow Street , Smithfield, Co. Dublin

1st January 2013 until

31 December 2013
+353 (1) 8072355
Open to Everyone
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Kate McManus

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