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Abbey Fishermen Homecoming Gathering
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Abbey Fishermen Homecoming Gathering

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About this Gathering

The Abbey fishermen descended from families who were tenants of the Shannon and Abbey Rivers. They fished there for hundreds of years earning a living by catching salmon, eels and peal.

The families involved were of pure Irish stock; Clancy, Hayes, McNamara, Liddy, Shanny, Hartigan, O'Connor and O'Dwyer and they lived in King's Island and the 'The Parish' and 'Park' areas of Limerick city.

They practiced a unique snap fishing craft on the Abbey river based on ancient Brehon laws, successions and traditions passed down through generations. Some hundreds of people were supported from this ancient activity right up to the advent of the Ardnacrusha Hydroelectric Scheme. By this time though only four families (Clancy, Hayes, McNamara and Shanny) actively fished the river 

These traditions stopped with the opening of Ardnacrusha. The families of the Abbey Fishermen, loved their heritage and their parish roots and their stories have been recorded in book and verse.

This gathering is about getting the Clan of these 4 families together. Descendants from abroad will meet with their family members and neighbours still living in Limerick and share our wonderful common heritage. 

We will have a welcome evening, boating on the abbey river,tour of Parish area, historical presentations of our heritage and a social get together in the Parish area.

*** Book your accommodation early as it is a Bank Holiday weekend 3rd May 2013 and other big events are occuring in Limerick city that weekend


Gathering Details

Limerick City, Abbey River Limerick, Limerick, Co. Limerick

Casting our Nets /Homecoming Welcome

3 May 201320:00 - 23:00

Outdoor Events and Activities

4 May 201309:00 - 18:00

Presenting Our Roots/Social Gathering

5 May 201309:00 - 23:00

Bidding Farewell

6 May 201310:00 - 12:00
Open to Everyone
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