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Listowel Writers' Week
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Listowel Writers' Week

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About this Gathering

Eminent Irish and international literary figures gather in Listowel every May at Writers’ Week, which celebrates the work of new and established writers. Under the leadership of its president Colm Toibin, Writers’ Week provides a wide ranging programme of literary and cultural events, including lectures, readings, workshops, book launches, seminars, interviews, theatre, literary and historical tours, art exhibitions, music and dance.

Literary workshops allow prominent Irish writers to connect with emerging writers and share their skills in poetry, fiction, theatre, screen, writing for radio, children’s literature and more recently, in song writing and comic writing. Competitions and a series of literary awards presented at the festival have given valuable recognition to new writers. The event takes place in a unique atmosphere of learning and celebration which gives new and established writers an opportunity to discuss their work before a national and international audience.


Gathering Details

Various Venues, 24 The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry
29 May 201311:00 - 23:00
30 May 201311:00 - 23:00
31 May 201311:00 - 23:00
1 June 201311:00 - 23:00
2 June 201311:00
+353 68 21074
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