6 August 2013
The Therapeutic effects of Irish Set dancing in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
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The Therapeutic effects of Irish Set dancing in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

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International Health Conference : The Therapeutic Effects of Irish Set Dancing in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Prof Daniele Volpe, from Venice, Italy, along with fellow researchers Prof Timothy Lynch, Mater Hospital Dublin, Dr. Amanda Clifford and Joanne Shanahan, University of Limerick will present the findings of their research into the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial of Irish set dancing compared with routine physiotherapy for people with mild to moderate Parkinson’s Disease. The idea for this research germinated in Pepper’s pub, during the Feakle International Traditional Irish Music Festival; where Prof Volpe saw a Parkinson’s Disease sufferer set dancing without difficulty. Prof Volpe will be accompanied by the Italian group "Park" and members of The Black Sheep Irish Italian set dancing association along with Italian musicians. There is worldwide interest in this event given the links between the Physiotherapy Departments in Ireland, Italy and Australia. The conference programme is available on www.feaklefestival.ie/conference The morning lectures will be followed by afternoon workshops. A Céilí in Pepper’s Marquee that night will enable people to practice what they have learned during the day. It promises to be a very unique Gathering - Tickets available through Glór box office. Early booking advised. http://www.glor.ie/events/category/conference


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Feakle Community Centre, Main st, Feakle, Co. Clare
6 August 2013
+353 87 7804042
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