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BMW J24 World Championships 2013
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BMW J24 World Championships 2013

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About this Gathering

The J24 is a five-person sailing keelboat and, with over 5,400 built since 1977, is the most popular racing keelboat in the World. The annual J24 World Championships is rotated around North and South America, Europe, Far East and Australasia and, for the last 33 years has been one of the most keenly watched sailing championships on the calendar. Top sailors from around the World vie to qualify to represent their nations. Interest has already been shown from competitors from Argentina, Australia, Hungary, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Sweden, UK, Uruguay and USA. The event hopes to attract up to 70 boats to the waters off Howth, Co. Dublin. The J24 class and sponsor, BMW Ireland, were so impressed with Howth’s hosting and management of the 2011 European Championships that we were almost immediately awarded the 2013 World Championships. The J24 World Championships will be a showcase of Howth and Fingal’s best, in terms of culture, tradition, welcome and competitive spirit. We are inviting some of the World’s best sailors to see one of the World’s best sailing venues and to spread the message to their families and friends that Howth and Ireland is the place to visit for fun and games.


Gathering Details

Howth Yacht Club, Harbour Road, Howth, Co. Dublin

Registration and Measurement

22 August 201309:00 - 18:00

Registration and Measurement

23 August 201309:00 - 18:00

Registration and Measurement

24 August 201309:00 - 18:00

Briefing and Practice Race

25 August 201310:00

Championship Races

26 August 201310:30

Championship Races

27 August 201310:30

Championship Races

28 August 201310:30

Championship Races

29 August 201310:30

Championship Races and Prizegiving Ceremony

30 August 201310:30
Open to Everyone

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