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The O Tierney Clans Society Gathering 2013
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The O Tierney Clans Society Gathering 2013

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About this Gathering

The O'Tierney Clans Society invite all Tierney descents worldwide to share in their Gathering 2013. The Gathering will be held in Nenegh, Co. Tipperary from August 23rd to 26th. If you would like to know where we come from and where we belong and who your forebearers are, well now is the chance for you to find out.

At the event we will unveil new information connecting Tierney's to this area of the county. The Gathering will include Lectures/Talks, Tours, Dinner, Music and Craic. There will be opportunity for those interested in Genealogy to research and share information. Children will be catered for with fun crafts, Mini Archaeological dig, face-painting etc.

So all you of Tierney descent in the  Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, U.K. USA, and where-ever come and you will be most welcome. Hope to see you all here in Ireland - end of August. You can get more information on the Clan website listed. Slán is beannacht tamall.


Gathering Details

The Abbey Court Hotel, Lower Dublin Road, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Meeting and Greeting Day

23 August 201315:00 - 23:59

Research, Lectures, Dinner and Entertainment

24 August 2013

Tour Day

25 August 2013

Further Genealogical Research Day

26 August 2013
Open to Everyone
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